Ep. 99: Home Alone

For this year’s holiday celebration, Nate and Ryan watch a staple from their childhood, Home Alone, the 1990 smash hit directed by Chris Columbus and written by John Hughes. An annual tradition for many people, is Home Alone a movie people can even talk about objectively? Listen in as they discuss what … Continue reading

Ep. 98: That Thing You Do!

For this year’s T. Hanksgiving, Nate and Ryan watch Tom Hanks’ writing and directing debut That Thing You Do! Dripping in ’60s nostalgia, That Thing You Do! tells the story of The Wonders a fictional rock band who rise to the top of the charts with the titular song. Even though That… Continue reading

Ep. 97: The Silence of the Lambs

It’s our 8th annual Holiday Spooktacular and this year, Nate and Ryan are talking about a true horror classic: The Silence of the Lambs, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. One of the rare horror movies to be nominated for Best Picture, The Silence of the Lambs is in even rarer company… Continue reading

Ep. 96: The King’s Speech feat. Watson Jones III

Nate and Ryan welcome Watson Jones III to discuss The King’s Speech, 2010 winner of the Best Picture Oscar directed by Tom Hooper. The King’s Speech was a somewhat improbable winner in an especially strong movie year. It was in that backlash-filled atmosphere that many people watched Colin Firth act his way… Continue reading

Mini Episode: Listener Questions and September Movie Announcement

Nate and Ryan are back with a brief update for the next episode and a response to a listener question about our 2014 episode about The Avengers. Listen in as they revisit their predictions and reactions from 7 years ago and reflect on how their ideas hold up now that the… Continue reading